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Melaka was one of the ancient world’s most famous and important maritime ports in South East Asia. Indian tradesmen from the south of India to ply their trade since the 1300s. Many of these tradesmen chose to make Melaka their home and it wasn't too long before they began assimilating with the locals in business, culture and in love.. Thus began the curious and interesting culture known as the Chetti (or Chetty) — a unique people with their own unique culture.

The Chetti, which means “merchant” are a unique people with a distinct culture. One of the five Peranakan cultures, it is said that there are less than 500 Chetti individuals in Malaysia today, with this possibly being its last generation.

Listening to them speak you will hear what seems like Bahasa Malaysia mottled with familiar words borrowed from the Tamil and Hokkien language. . This novel infusion of culture, allows the Chetti community to boast an amazing food culture fused from Malay, Baba and Indian influences. As the guardians of these ancestral recipes, the women folk preserve these dishes and their identity to share the beauty of a disappearing culture.. A lunch at the Chetti village would include some of their famous dishes like the pindang nanas udang (description), ikan masin sinting (description)and loak haram jadah(description).

Join us and visit the last Chetti village in Melaka. This trip also includes:

-visit to the local Chetti village museum.
-explore the local temples dedicated to the Chettis.
-savour a 8-course Chetti meal hosted at a village home.

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Average Duration: 8 hours

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Dress comfortable. However, appropriate dressing for temple visitations are required which includes for man/women - no short shorts/skirts/mini skirts.

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Children ages 12 and below - 50%
Children between 0-3 - Free (but baby seat not provided). Please contact us to discuss this.

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It is advisable to bring your own bottle water.

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